Graphic recording

We still need to work together, so let's do it

I can join your team or client meeting and create a visual map in real time. This helps participants stay on the same page and make meaning together. Participants walk away with a visual to share more widely & show what was achieved in the session.

Debbie Wood

Graphic Recording

Virtual Workshops

Graphic Recording for Moreland Democracy Lab session 3 – Radical Change – June 2020

Webinar capture

In Vino Veritas

Graphic Recording of In Vino Veritas with Merrick Watts & Dave Thornton – one of an eight week comedy series

Graphic Recording

Virtual conferences

Graphic Recording a virtual conference session on the future ways of working

Virtual tech

Studio Setup

Technical set up for virtual graphic recording – iPad, Macbook Pro, second screen, camera rig!

Graphic Recording a virtual lunch

Lunch with the Queen

Graphic recording Emma McQueen's 2nd virtual lunch with almost 100 women attending

Bring to your online meetings!

Visuals get the neurons firing!

Participants see how ideas are connected and how information is grouped and organised. New concepts are more thoroughly and easily understood when they are demonstrated visually.

Bring joy to your meeting participants

Virtual graphic recording is a great way to see a team come together and to foster innovation within your organisation – especially during times like these!

People can SEE that they are HEARD

Your group will be more engaged, on board, share a collective understanding and enjoy true flow with a graphic recorder in the Zoom.

When do you need a graphic recorder?

Speaking events & keynotes
Strategy meetings
Planning sessions
Product and service design