By Debbie April 23, 2021 In

Melitta Hardenberg

We engaged Debbie to help us bring a new leadership program to life. It was 3 modules, 4 hours each. We weren’t sure what to expect but it not only created an incredible summary we were able to use the in-design graphic to help us reconnect with the content after each break, between sessions as a recap, and then finally as a summary of the entire learning program.

What I love about working with Debbie is how she can not only hear what’s happening in the moment, but discern the really critical points … and then turn it into something visually really compelling. It really is a talent that elevated the experience for our leaders. What a talent Debbie has and what a delight she is to work with. A true professional!

In short

Deb creates entertaining & engaging visuals in real time during workshops, conferences and events. When onsite, she does not bring her dog, and he’s not happy about that.