I'm Debbie Wood.

As a Melbourne-based Graphic Recorder & Illustrator I have almost 30 years’ design & comms experience working with both large and small organisations to visually convey their messages and purpose. I've worked across industry including government, disability sector, not for profit, corporate, FMCG, elite sport, leadership coaching, legal, education, health, finance and engineering.
I love what I do.

I discovered the fact that drawing on walls to make meaning was a job people could be paid for through a serendipitous accident.

I answered the phone one day when my flatmate’s friend rang to say hello. She was a Knowledge Worker with the Accelerated Solutions Environment, and when she described the work she did I remember being in awe.

This was back in 2002. I had a chance to try it myself, moonlighting with the ASE in Sydney a couple of times while working for an engineering firm in Brisbane – it felt like running away to join the circus on the back of a glittering unicorn!

I brought the skill set back to Arup, and on occasion over the next 10 to 15 years, have managed to mix up my graphic design work with the occasional graphic recording project.

This all changed a few years ago when Brandy Agerbeck (Global Graphic Facilitation legend) came out to Australia to run her 3-day Lab. Since, I’ve been graphic recording at events all over Australia and loving every single minute of it!

I get to work alongside all sorts of creative & clever people in this work.

My focus:

Some of the awesome companies
I get to work with