Debbie holding The Graphic Facilitators Guide, by Brandy Agerbeck

Up until a few years ago, I had perhaps spent 8 years occasionally dabbling in graphic recording while running my graphic design business.

Every now and then, a client would ask me to come and draw on the walls to help them make meaning during workshops or strategy days. Whenever I had the opportunity, I loved every second of it. I knew it was what I wanted to do ALL DAY EVERY DAY, but where to begin to make that happen?

A client of mine who loves books gifted me “The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide” back in 2015. Written by Brandy Agerbeck – a legend in the graphic facilitation space globally – every word resonated. Not long after this Brandy announced that she was going to run her signature graphic facilitation program, The Lab, here in Melbourne in November 2017.

Cue Debbie waving her arms frantically in the air “Pick me! Pick ME!”

So. I spent 3 immersive days with Brandy Agerbeck and 5 other participants in the LAB. It was exactly what I needed to kickstart my graphic recording practice. Brandy was incredibly generous with her wealth of experience as she walked us through her process. We delved into a method of Share > Question > Test > Observe, which gave us an opportunity to learn by doing, and build on our knowledge and understanding as each day unfolded.

We listened and drew – live and large with our markers on the wall.

We watched and learnt – as Brandy talked us through hierarchy, colour and themes.

Our visual practice evolved – as we moved about the room and talked through our work at the end of each scribe.

After leaving the LAB, I let go of my graphic design business so I could truly focus on the work that lights me up. I can’t believe it has been almost 4 years since that time. I know I think about *all of the things* almost every time I step up to the wall.

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