Graphic recording

If you’re a speaker, facilitator or group looking to make a lasting impression on your audience then I’ll work alongside you at your conference, workshop, or event to tell your story with beautiful visuals, in real time.

the why.

Let people SEE that they are HEARD

Your group will be more engaged, on board, share a collective understanding and enjoy true flow with a graphic recorder on board.

Bring JOY to your meeting participants

Graphic recording is a great way to help a team come together and to foster innovation within your organisation!

Let’s not forget

Ever forgotten what was said in a meeting? The session capture is there to get those neurons firing and bring it all back.

the where.

in the zoom

When I'm looking after my clients and not in the room with them, my workplace is set up to transfer my graphic recording virtually and seamlessly to the homes and offices of session participants, wherever they may be in the world.

in the Room

There’s nothing better than capturing events live and in person. Sharing in the collective energy of a room results in a graphic recording that authentically represents everyone involved. Just name the location!