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  • By Debbie June 25, 2024 In Business

    KEYNOTE YAY vs. KEYNOTE NAY I’ll tell you a little secret. I’m a bit of a public speaking nerd. I spent most of high school years on the representative debating team (see proof to the right) and the only assignments I had done earlier than

  • By Debbie June 21, 2024 In Business

    THE 'DEBBIE FILTER' One thing I notice when I work alongside other graphic recorders is that our amazing and creative brains all work differently.Members of the Australian Graphic Recording community (GRA) will get together every now and then on Zoom and have a little scribe

  • By Debbie May 21, 2024 In Graphic Recording

    Working digitally as a graphic recorder I need to say this out loud. I’m in love with my iPad. For years prior to 2020 I was working purely analog – at the wall with my beautiful markers. Then something happened… (you’ll remember 2020?)Having my hand

  • By Debbie May 21, 2024 In Uncategorized

    Graphic recording analog style I think I’m allowed to change my mind about some things – especially when I experience the positives of graphic recording in all of its forms! We graphic recorders can use our creativity by working on an iPad or tablet and

  • By Debbie October 28, 2023 In Business

    DANCING BETWEEN THE LEFT AND RIGHT BRAIN Do you know whether you’re left brained or right brained? There’s a theory that one hemisphere is more dominant than others in most, and this impacts how you exist in many ways, from your learning styles, to what

  • By Debbie May 31, 2023 In Graphic Recording

    Communities in Control 2023 This week I’ve had the privilege of capturing one of my favourite annual events, with the theme “A search for the soul of our nation.”Speakers posed the question “Can a country have a soul” – and certainly in 2023 as Australia

  • By Debbie August 15, 2022 In Business

    THE "bachelor of graphic recording" doesn't exist... The roles I’ve had, and what I’ve learnt along the wayOne of the questions I’m asked the most, after what the heck is Graphic Recording, is how did you find this work? Let me say that it took

  • By Debbie September 28, 2021 In Graphic Recording

    WHO ENGAGES A GRAPHIC RECORDER? During the past few very busy months, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the WHO of what I do. Who am I serving? Who values this work? Since July I’ve worked with insurance, local councils, an international aid agency, consultants

  • By Debbie August 18, 2021 In Business

    TEARS AT THE WALL I don’t know about you, but sometimes I cry at work. Mostly in my work I’m helping teams with their strategy, and the feeling in the room is one of energy and positivity… but sometimes it’s not. These stories come to

  • By Debbie July 15, 2021 In Business

    YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH! Graphic Recording is certainly a field that many know nothing about.It has been evolving ever so quietly since the 70s, when people first began drawing live and large to capture group process on the west coast of the US.

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Deb creates entertaining & engaging visuals in real time during workshops, conferences and events. When onsite, she does not bring her dog, and he’s not happy about that.

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