Deb holding her favourite coffee cup!
Debbie Wood capturing a graphic recording on her iPad Pro
Debbie Wood – working with her client to get the best outcomes

I thought it would be fun to share with you the three most important things I need to do my job well! Here they are, in no particular order…


Yes, coffee. One before I leave my kitchen, one at around 10am, and definitely no more after 1pm. There’s certainly a sweet spot with caffeine – isn’t there? Not enough, the brain can’t do its job. Too much, I get a touch of the jitters and my writing becomes a little bit wibbly!

iPad Pro

As a creative, I’ve been an Apple tragic since I can remember. The one thing I’d save from a burning building (after I had safely got the dog and kids out – husband can look after himself) is my iPad Pro. It’s such a beautiful thing to work on and has me completely converted after spending years with markers live and large on the wall. My neck and shoulders appreciate it, but also, my work is better! My lettering is more beautiful, I can move things around in the moment, I can add colour and branding more quickly… I could go on.

The iPad would mean nothing to me though, without the app I use. It’s called ProCreate – it’s such a user friendly and sophisticated bit of software, and most importantly – it’s creators are an Australian company!


Yes, collaboration. I love being part of the team that is responsible for the success of an event or workshop. As part of that team – collaboration is key! Knowing what’s expected of each integral part of that machine and how we’re going to make magic happen is a big part of my briefing process.

I know that these three things are what gets the best out of me on the day every time. Yes there’s been times when we’re out of coffee beans and I have to go ahead with just a cup of tea, or I’m working on a wall with my markers, or my client doesn’t give me a whole lot of information before an event so I’m heading in blind… and I love a challenge, so that’s okay.

But if you’re investing in having a graphic recorder in the room, and it’s this graphic recorder… may I request that you’ve got the barista on speed dial!

Photography by Fi Mims Photography