Lessons from Shine Online

In 2020, my dear friend, photographer and client Fi Mims launched her Shine Online membership program for women in business who want to build their brand and… well… SHINE, online.

Her program is truly great, and in the past six months I just can’t believe all the amazing nuggets I’ve learned. A whole lot of those nuggets have been from Fi herself, but she has generously included masterclasses as part of her program (which I have the pleasure of graphic recording), and she gets a different guest speaker along to share their wisdom each month. Here’s some of my faves to date, but I reckon there’ll be a post in the near future sharing another lot!

Holly Cardamone

Tell Your Story

Holly is a communications LEGEND and all-round rock star (and yet also a word-nerd). She joined us to shine a light on the importance of our own stories, and how to breathe life into them.

I loved how she encouraged us to just pick up a pen (because it’s good for the brain rather than typing) and free-write each morning for 10 minutes just to build that muscle.

Draft first, edit later… work on your message while keeping your audience and your business goals front of mind.

You can learn more about this wondrous human here.

Karen Hollenbach

Linked In

It was great to hear from Karen during this year where all business connections have had to happen ‘on-the-line’. She talked about making LinkedIn a habit. Get in there each day for at least 5 minutes and comment on articles that interest you, unfollow players you’re not interested in, follow hashtags related to your work, and see it as a virtual room.

Karen has certainly got me thinking about the benefits of hanging out in the LinkedIn platform and keeping my feed just how I like it. 

Karen has some great tips over on her website here.

Fi Mims

Creating a powerful content strategy

Fi’s online presence truly makes me wonder when the woman sleeps. She manages to be in all the places her audience is at, and she shows up consistently. She got me thinking about how to get my butt out there and make sure people know what I’m doing. Create your content and get that stuff across a variety of channels, whether it be your own website, or a newsletter, or your Instagram page! And to share your story in different ways – using video, images and words! (Which is what I’m doing here – and I reckon she’ll be proud of me!)

Fi’s masterclasses are just one component of her Shine Online membership. It is jam-packed with goodies and has some truly awesome women in there too. If you’re in business and you want to elevate your online presence (aka, you want to Shine Online) – then go check her out.

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