So you’re in a meeting…

Imagine someone taking notes. Now imagine if those notes were visible to EVERYONE during that meeting. Now imagine if those notes weren’t just boring old bulleted points, but beautiful, connected, illustrated things full of metaphor and meaning. That’s what graphic recording is. It’s fancy note taking… but it’s also so much more.

I love to think about how our First Peoples were graphic recording way before it was called that. Aborigines told their stories through the power of wall drawings for thousands of years. So did the Egyptians, and according to the Pixar movie the Croods, and Dreamworks animated franchise Ice Age 1, 2, 3 and 4 – so were cave men. It’s all just a better way to appreciate story.

The modern day understanding of graphic recording has been around since the 90s, and has grown in popularity in the corporate space since. While I’m capturing the important stuff, and creating visual anchors for people to draw from at the same time, my audience is watching while they’re listening, they’re drawing ideas and connecting the dots because they’re using more of their brain. You get more from your participants when you add the MSG that is a GR!

Let’s work together!

I work across industry at all kinds of events from small workshops and strategy sessions to large conferences and events, I capture what happens visually and digitally, and you’re left with beautiful graphic recordings that can jog the memory of those attending, and be shared with a wider audience to make you look incredibly cool.